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Long-form, organic, and candid conversations with diverse group of guests including visionary authors, yogis, artists, entrepreneurs, chefs, comedians & actors with interesting perspectives, careers, and stories. Here they candidly discuss everything from love, art, mindfulness, creativity, feminism, holistic living, to relationships, sex, business, blogging, personal growth, health, sex, body image, and more. Sometimes things get super deep and spiritual and sometimes they are really funny and light because life is both.

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    210 | Abbi and Ksenia on The Feminine Side of Business, Being in Flow, Expanding + more

    After a long intro with my boyfriend talking about long distance relationships, Valentine's Day, communication I spoke with my friends Abbi and Ksenia about how they each found entrepreneurship,  the feminine side of business, expanding into your best self, feminism, friendship, creativity, speaking up for what you want and more! 

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    209 | Jill Gropper on on Mindfulness, Presence, Death + more!

    This week I spoke with one of my favorite people Jill on mindful living, grounding in presence, stripping layers, motherhood, body image, dealing with the tragic illness and death of her mother at a young age, mindful eating, embracing the divine feminine, motherhood and much more.

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    208 | Andrea Owen on letting go of control, indecision, feeling feelings, bodies, how to stop feeling like shit, + more

    We talk about  feeling feelings, decision making, body image, motherhood, publishing a book, her big ‘upper limit problem’, shame, female friendships, numbing mechanisms, the importance of letting it out, personal development overload, values, social media, connection, comparison, relationships, actually doing the work and not just consuming the advice, and more. At one point she says she wants to adopt me as her little sister and all my dreams came true, give this episode a listen for that alone. 

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    206 | Dr. Cybele Fishman on how to handle pimples, dermatology trends and all things skin!

    When I mentioned I was having a skin expert on the podcast in the listener facebook group I received more questions than I ever have. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks, talks, and wants to know more about skin. We feel with it, we see it, and it is the biggest organ we have so it makes sense. This episode is hyper focused on the topic of skin but we cover so many issues related to it. Including acne - why it’s not just for teenagers, blending natural remedies, how to handle a big pimple, winter skin, LED facials, micro pinning, rosacea, and skin trends. Dr. Fishman is so smart, experienced and knowledgable in her field in both traditional and natural remedies. This conversation was focused and specific yet we covered so much in a short time.

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    205 | Tina Essmaker of The Great Discontent on vulnerability, embracing silence, conversation, following curiosity + more!

    Our conversation flowed as if we were old friends covering moving, vulnerability, social media vs. real life, living wholeheartedly, advice for interviewing, embracing silence, the beauty behind not having it all figured out, focus, coaching for creatives, following your curiosity, and much more. She revealed what's next for her as she navigates her life and career post and her role at The Great Discontent.

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    203 | Cheryl Miller Houser on Personal Growth, Taking Risks, Film Making, Entrepreneurship + more

    We discussed mentoring relationships, entrepreneurship and millennials, why we should do things outside our comfort zone, personal growth and challenging ourselves, the importance of startups/entrepreneurs for economic growth, an inside look at indie film making, parenting as children become adults, working in film production, advice for cold calling/emailing, how we cut off our connection to opportunity around us, having time vs. making things a priority, body image and being more than your body, and so much more. I loved this conversation and I think you guys will too.

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    202 | Ashley Glynn on Soul Tattoos, Being Embodied, Connection, Slowing Down, Plant Medicine + more

    I loved every second of our heart warming conversation that covered her entire life-story including being raised by her southern tarot loving grandmother, touring with Stevie Nicks, losing her beloved grandmother, art school, fashion school, and eventually discovering her passion: soul tattooing. We discuss self-care, tapping into your intuition, why we need to slow down, how we hold energy in our bodies, the importance of being comfortable in your body and skin, being embodied, grounded, connecting to breath,  feeling empowered, breath work, flower medicine, and much more. Ash is magnetic and this is one of my favorite conversations I've ever had so I'm so glad it was recorded. 

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    201 | Anula Maiberg of Sixth Street Pilates on the potato method, impostor syndrome, rethinking 'body diversity' and more!

    We're both pretty sleepy and loopy by the end which makes the episode weird and special. We discuss community, being 'familiar strangers,' in-person connections, the Potato Method, what pilates is, and it’s history, the combination of pilates and art, impostor syndrome, feeling bad and that being okay, depression, the problem with the term ‘body diversity,’ and so much more. 

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    200 | Sahara Rose Ketabi on Ayurveda, Writing, Purpose and Dharma, Manifestation, Meeting Deepak Chopra + more

    Two-hundred episodes of this podcast seems like a huge milestone I'm pretty proud of. This week's conversation with guest Sahara Rose is a long one, yet I never wanted it to end. We take a deep dive intro her wellness speciality: Ayurveda (she literally wrote the Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda). She fully breaks down Ayurveda is, including what doshas are, her top Ayurveda tips utilizing it in daily life, dharma, how chakras connect to it, shamanic shaking, tongue-scraping and more. This episode is robust and packed with ancient wisdom that Sarah has modernized brilliantly. Her advice on family is one of the best answers I've gotten on that subject  and she tells a magical story of a meaningful coincidence that changed her life and mine once I heard her tell it.

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    199 | Sam Eckstein and Jordan Feldman of Springbone on Simple Cooking, Working with a Best Friend, Conflict Between Taste and Wellness + more

    We had a tangental conversation as usual where we covered working with your best friend and tips on how to keep both the friendship and business strong as well as their advice for  being an entrepreneur in a field you aren’t an expert in. We discussed what health and wellness means to them, their thoughts on family, relationships, and spirituality.

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    198 | Rachel Mansfield on Slowing Down, Unexpected Entrepreneurship, Finding Happiness with Your Body & Food+ more

    We spoke about how she being unexpectedly fired from her job which ended up leading to her successfully make a career out of her passion for healthy recipe development and love of desserts. We talk about slowing down, the importance of presence, her start in blogging, how she made it her career, changes in Instagram,  discipline vs. perfectionism, lessons from entrepreneurship, working from home,  how her relationship to food and her body has evolved over the years, and much more.

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    197 | my Favorites / Gratitudes + Karen Behnke founder of Juice Beauty + I 'let it out'

    This episode starts and ends with me catching up [gushing] with you about how I've been feeling lately and sharing some things I've been too nervous to share on the podcast before. Then I interview entrepreneur Karen Behnke founder of my favorite make-up brand Juice Beauty. She is honestly was one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people I've ever interviewed for this podcast.

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    195 | Aki Hirata Baker of Minka Brooklyn on Holistic Living, Flower Essences, Reiki, Dealing with Depression and more

    I stumbled across Minka Brooklyn soon after moving to New York. It was one of those very Brooklyn places I was very thrilled existed and couldn't wait to check out now that I lived in the city. Aki, the founder was kind, nurturing, and sweet right off the bat. She gave me a tour of the space and a full treatment of Reiki and flower essences, both of witch I had never experienced. I knew immediately I wanted to now more about Aki, her story and the genesis of her holistic healing wonderland, Minka.  We recorded this conversation a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon in her cozy office. We talked for hours on everything from holistic healing to her fascinating story of immigrating from Japan at 18, moving to New York, dealing with depression, motherhood, and entrepreneurship.

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    194 | Jamie Mendell on Big Decisions, Intuitive Living (& eating), Uncertainty, Body Image, Self Awareness + more!

    The conversation flowed with ease and meandered into a million directions from intuitive eating to making big decisions, uncertainty that comes with them, self-care, body image, eating disorders, comparison,  self awareness, and career transitions. I caught up with Jamie in a really pivotal moment in her life, she's in a new romantic relationship and about to move away from the east coast for the first time. I can't get enough of Jamie, we had dinner last week and her chill energy, sound advice, and earnestness is magnetic.

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    193 | Christine Nguyen aka Chrissstttiiine on Social Media, YouTube, Freelancing, Style, Breakups, Body Image vs. Brain Power, and more!

    Today's conversation is one of the rare (yet becoming more frequent for me) occasions where an internet friend becomes a real friend live on the podcast (over Skype in this case). I've been getting to know Christine for years through being entertained by her Vlogs, discovering new music & brands through her favorites videos, style tips from her daily uniform series, and feeling inspired from her apartment tours & intimate interviews on YouTube. She was ever bit as thoughtful, earnest, and wise as she comes off in the hundreds of YouTube videos. While Christine went to film school and began on YouTube when she was just 18 she's an eclectic creative who has interests ranging from home decor to film photography to make-up to design.

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    192 | Tero Isokauppila of Four Sigmatic on Mushroom Hacks, Adaptogens, Family, Gratitude/Journaling + more!

    While I only met Tero Isokauppila for the first time this summer when we recorded this conversation in person while he was here in New York, we've been friends on the internet since early 2013. Tero's from Finland and founded the popular superfood mushroom brand Four Sigmatic over five years ago. While I've loved Four Sigmatic's products ever since I was one of the first bloggers in America to try them, my knowledge on the fungi kingdom, foraging, and the benefits of utilizing mushrooms was limited until this conversation. Wellness wise, we got identifying adaptogens, how to use powerful herbs, ‘mushroom hacks’, and why not all water is created equal. He answered everything I was curious about in the fascinating fungi kingdom. Beyond mushrooms we had a great conversation where we discussed everything from entrepreneurship,  inclusivity in the wellness industry, the importance of family, cultural and education system differences in other countries, his life growing up in Finland and moving to the States, his thoughts on living in New York City, and his journaling, reflection/gratitude practice.

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    191 | Dr. Emily Kiberd founder of Urban Wellness Clinic on Belly Breathing, Bio Hacks, Motherhood, Living Dreams + more.

    Her expertise of the human body and her feminine approach to chiropractic are unmatched. She's a chiropractor and founder of Midtown Manhattan's Urban Wellness Clinic, where sure curates a team of exert healers from a personal trainer, to an acupuncturist, to a masseuse. It was her dream to built this clinic in New York and we get into the goal setting and visioning of how she made that dream reality.  We discuss ways fitness can be harmful to the body, reprograming bad body patterns, the body working holistically, the importance of breathing and belly breathing, “tech neck”, bio hacks for everything from walking, sitting, and looking at our devices.

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    190 | Nicole Centeno founder of Splendid Spoon on Presence, Mindful Eating, Being a Single Mom CEO, Feelings + more!

    Nicole is so impressive to me. Not only is she a single mom of two, author, and founder and CEO of a start up, Splendid Spoon she is beautiful, present, articulate, and so engaging whenever I speak with her. We covered being a single mom, navigating a divorce, entrepreneurship, single tasking, feeling our feelings, living from your heart vs. head, food as medicine, career transitions, mindful eating, motherhood (and how 'you birth your own healer'), New York City, style tips (I love her style) and way more. I loved this episode.

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    189 | Madi Murphy and Bret Caretsky of The End Brooklyn on unicorn lattes & other high vibe foods, social media, pleasure vs. pressure and more!

    We recorded this a few weeks ago live at The End, a coffee shop in Brooklyn that is home to the unicorn latte and many other magical plant alchemy drinks. It's such a special place to me which I explain in detail in the episode but I discovered the adorable coffee shop months before moving to NY and then serendipitously met the owners and this week's guests Bret & Madi only a few days after moving. We not only get into how Bret & Madi came together to start The End and their first business the Montauk Juice Factory, but as usual the conversation meandered all over. We got into pleasure, specifically the power of “pleasure over pressure,” their love for Montauk, creativity, tapping into your own highest vibration, inclusivity in the wellness industry, social media, community, and so much more. I loved hosting this episode more than any other one I've ever done. I hope to do more live episodes all around the city because this was a blast, hope you can feel that when you listen.

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    188 | Latham Thomas on Non-Attachment, Finding community, What Feminism needs, the Value of Beauty, Glowing + More!

    I've loved Latham for years. She was one of my first ever guests and her saying yes to doing my podcast back in 2013 when I was getting started gave me the confidence to keep going. You'll quickly hear why I adore her. She is present, genuine, smart, articulate, and kind; all of which comes through in this episode. We talked for almost two hours about everything from her meeting with Oprah to living in NYC  to the value of surrounding yourself with beauty.  We talked about cultivating a supportive community of women & the importance of supporting other women. One of my favorite parts of the interview was her definition of feminism which is my favorite I've heard so far.

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    187 | Chris Cieri of Franklin & Whitman on Connection, Entrepreneurship, natural skin care, dogs, & being perfectly imperfect

    This conversation is rich--we covered our addition to our phones and occupying ourselves, vulnerability and connection, family, ambition, and of course  the inception of Frank & Whit beginning with a beard oil. I had a blast recording this episode. Chris and his wonderful wife Lisa came to NYC for the weekend and we not only recorded this 2 hour long conversation but talked even more over some rad meals at some of my favorite places in the city. Enjoy this conversation with the man behind Frank & Whit and if you want to try them use the code: KATIE for 20% off. 

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    186 | Ruby Warrington of The Numinous on Spiritual Activism, Astrology, Love, Journalism, Body Image, Style + more

    This episode feels so cozy to me. Listening to it brought back all the joy I felt when we recorded a couple weeks ago in Ruby's beautiful Brooklyn apartment. Sitting across from her surrounded by lush plants, shinny crystals, and cool photography-- I never wanted to end the episode and after two hours of flowing conversation it was truly hard to leave. Ruby is one of those people you meet and immediately want to be around and listen to. Not only does she have a soothing voice (complete with a British accent) with it she tells stories of her life in London as a fashion and lifestyle journalist, spews fascinating spiritual and astrology facts, antidotes of falling in love and moving to New York City, starting her online magazine The Numinous, and musing being a Material Girl in a Mystical World.  I'm proud of this conversation and how it effortlessly meandered into such interesting areas. We of course talked about her journalism career where she interviewed everyone from Lady Gaga to Claire Danes but also things I've never heard her discuss before like her eating disorder recovery and how she met and fell in love with her husband. We talk about how she found a career that she loves and fills her up as well as how she got into astrology and what the process of writing her book was like and what sharing it with her family was like. We get into the mystical vs. the scientific and where she is now with spiritual activism at the core of all her work which means taking all this mystical knowledge and using it for good in the world. I adore Ruby, her message, book, and this conversation. Hope you like it too and let me know.

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    185 | NEW Isabel Foxen Duke on Sanity Around Food, Surrender, Diet Culture, Fat Phobia as a Social Justice Concept + much more

    A few years ago I was a mess around food and my body. My entire life revolved around what I was eating next. If I wasn't preoccupied with my next meal, I was thinking about what I'd eaten earlier and what that meant for what or how much I'd allow myself to eat later. On the rare occasion I wasn't thinking about food, googling gluten-free-dairy-free recipes, or checking out another vegan restaurant's menu I was thinking about my body and how I was terrified of it changing in a way I wasn't comfortable with. I'm embarrassed to admit all of this but that was my internal reality until I found the work of today's repeat guest Isabel Foxen Duke. Isabel showed me there's another way to live. She taught me why I and so many people fall into an obsession with thinness and therefore dieting and consequently food, all as a result of thinness as a standard of beauty in our culture and the pervasive diet culture that has created. She taught me about fat phobia and how I had internalized it. She taught me about intuitive eating and deconstructing my diet mentality to listen to my body's hunger and fullness signals. She taught me about emotional eating and how it's not wrong, rather it is merely a coping mechanism and a response to years of deprivation with food. She taught me to diversity my hobbies away from wellness alone and to instead focus my attention on my career, creativity, and relationships. Most of all, she helped my to finally stop fighting food and work on making my life as a whole really beautiful, not just my body. We talk about all this and more in today's very long, robust episode. As I mentioned in the inro, I took Isabel's flagship program in 2014 and it honestly really helped me. She's launching it again and that means her free video training series is available for a while so watch those videos here  to see what you think. And enjoy this episode with my friend and mentor IFD. 

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    184 | Sam Zabell on Side Hustles, Podcasting, Adulthood & more!

     I stumbled across today's guest Sam Zabell's podcast Adulthood Made Easy while doing research before my interview with Ashley Ford.  Sam had Ashley on her podcast a few months before I did and as I listened to that episode I knew I wanted the articulate and curious host Sam to also be a guest on my podcast. Sam moved to New York City to pursue a career in magazine writing after studying journalism at Northwestern. She found herself not only writing for Real Simple Magazine, she also hosted their podcast Adulthood Made Easy.  This conversation was recorded in her Manhattan apartment. We talk about podcasting, life in your 20's, relationships, body image, side hustles and hobbies, living in New York and so much more. If you enjoy this episode let us know over in the Facebook Group. Also a quick reminder about the upcoming LIVE PODCAST recording I'll be having at The End in Brooklyn. Come be a part of the conversation. Being able to record these episodes live has been such an incredible shift for me. 

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    183 | Taran & Bunny Ghatrora on FemTech, Destigmatising Periods, Entrepreneurship + Listener Q&A!

    Today I have Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, sisters and co-founders of Ellebox as well as a podcast listener Q&A in the intro of this episode making it a very packed nearly 2 hours. I know it's been a while since I've done a Q&A episode, so I thought I'd add some in to this episode.  I'm not an expect on anything but I did very earnestly answer all the questions I received.  This episode feels like a big sleepover where I get to chat with you guys through your questions in the beginning then my interview with the co-founders of Ellebox feels like girl talk too.  I love Ellebox and believe in what they are doing but after this interview with the CEO sisters my love for Elle box hit new heights. You'll get to hear some about Ellebox and how it came to be but also we discuss growing up, periods, family, feminism, moon cycles and more! Hope you love this episode and if you haven't already tried Ellebox they are offering a FREE BOX to all listeners who want to try it out, so there's nothing to lose. 

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    182 | Dr. Samantha Boardman on Positive Prescriptions, Overwhelm, Connection, Being "un-you," + more.

    This episode makes me so happy. From the experience of the recording to the interview itself, I'm so proud of this conversation and excited for you to hear it.  I talk with the amazingly wise psychiatrist and founder of Positive Prescriptions Dr. Samantha Boardman. We spoke for over almost two hours on an array of tools the uses to help her patients and wisdom she accrued over her years as a practicing therapist in New York City. Dr. Sam radiates a kindness and has an energy that is so pure and inspiring. In re-listening to her episode I was inspired all over again. Her website, Positive Prescription is dedicated  to sharing inspiration around tweaks and changes people can make that are life-enhancing and resilience-building. We discuss many of these little changes and additions people can add to their lives to enhance the good and joy in the everyday. Everything she offers is all science-backed, research-driven, actionable, productive and digestible. I hope you get something valuable out of this episode, I know I've already applied much of what she shared into my own life.  And let us know what was your biggest take-away over in the Facebook Listener Group! and sign up for her weekly dose which I also love.

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    181 | Anjie Cho Gives My NYC Apartment a Feng Shui Makeover

    This episode is a special one. Some of you may remember Anjie from her episode as a guest a couple years ago. I originally met Anjie through my good friend Sacha Jones (who has been on the podcast twice as well). Since our original introduction Anjie has helped me feng shui and bring good energy to two of my apartments in Detroit. When I finally found my new place in New York City, I knew that having Anjie give me an in-person consultation would make everything feel more cozy. When I reached out to her she had the amazing idea of recording the consultation to share on her podcast. I thought this would be a great way for you guys to get some fun feng shui tips too while learning more about me and where my life is at now that I'm officially moved. In this episode you will hear Anjie give me advice on the best way to lay out the room and what elements I should have to cultivate good energy that aligns with this new stage of life. I hope this episode is fun and inspires you to find ways to create beautiful spaces in your home and other areas of your life. Thanks for listening guys. You're the best. 

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    173 | Elizabeth Kott & Stephanie Simbari from That's So Retrograde on Podcasting, Wellness Trends & Bringing Comedy to Wellness

    A few months ago I was introduced to the podcast That's So Retrograde from my friend Rose. I immediately became addicted to listening to every episode they had recorded and it's now one of my weekly podcasts I look forward to. If you've never listened to an episode, you're Friday's just got even better. Each week Elizabeth Kott & Stephanie Simbari explore a new aspect of wellness or spirituality in a fun, light hearted, and genuine way. The show is comedy meets style meets wellness meets girl talk in all the best ways. They believe that wellness should be available to everyone and they make it less intimidating and more fun with every episode they record. By mixing comedy with ernest advice and experts on a variety of wellness topics they are making even the most woo woo topics relatable. Elizabeth and Steph are sweet and funny and I loved getting to interview them this week. You'll get to hear not only the story about their own podcast but also advice for others who are starting a podcasts. We talk journaling, geek out about recent wellness trends, and tools, talk body image, routines, and way more.

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    172 | Corinne Wainer Co-Founder of Shaktibarre on Community, Wellness Education & Access to Yoga for Everyone

    Corinne on bringing yoga and wellness education to everyone through creating a studio/cafe/workspace/wellness classroom that features sliding scale prices, a café with an Ayurvedic menu, and programs for local public school youth, and of course yoga-barre classes with a focus on inclusivity and acceptance. We talk a bit about how it all came together, the importance of community, being a socially conscious entrepreneur, tips for dealing with bad body image days, feeling like you're "too much" or like you're not good enough and much more.

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    168 | my Favs / Gratitudes No. 013 - April 2017 Favorites

    It's been quite a while since I made a favorites episode so I had an abundance of favorite things to share in this episode. It’s packed with all the things I’ve been into in the last couple months.

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    164 | Andrea Owen of Your Kick Ass Life on Feeling Your Feelings, Friendship, Gossip, Motherhood, and more!

    My conversation today with life coach Andrea Owen of Your Kick Ass Life is as tangential as ever and covers topics relationships to body image. We talk a little bit about friendship, (and why gossip is a huge energy suck), a little bit about feelings (and why it's important to take time to just be with them), a little bit about entrepreneurship (and the ups and downs that come with taking that leap), what life coaching really is and how it compares to therapy, and scratch the surface to so many more topics as well. Andrea's personal background and story are pretty incredible as well and she tells us all about that and how she started doing the work she's doing now. There are links to more articles on what we discuss in the show notes. As always be sure to tweet us any of your questions or moments you really love or let us know in the Facebook Group. We both love hearing from listeners -- what you loved, what you want to hear more on, or just to say hello.

    PS. I'm also very into today's sponsors, Care/Of and Dr. Ginger's Coconut Toothpaste so be sure to check out their links below as well.

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    163 | actor Danny Kornfeld on RENT, Acting, Being Yourself & Giving into Love or Living in Fear... & more!

    I love today's conversation but I hope it isn't an entirely a self-serving time for me to geek out about something I love. When I was 8 years old I became obsessed with Rent, the musical by Jonathan Larson that became a super hit in the mid 90s. Meanwhile across the state another kid, today's guest Danny Kornfeld also knew every word to the original broadway cast recording and fell in love with the show. Cut to 2016 and that young Renthead is playing the staring role in the show's 20th anniversary tour and today he's talking to me all about how that dream came true. Danny Kornfeld is a talented actor and his staring role in Rent comes after extensive performance experience, studying theater at Syracuse University, and moving to New York City to pursue a career in the theater. It was incredible to get to hear about what led Danny this role as well as explore the reflections that art have on his life and how they've inspired him to be himself more fully in real life. He is so thoughtful around his approach to his work and what it brings to the world. One of his favorite lines from Rent is “Give in to love, or live in fear". In my latest newsletter where I sent my recent reflections on love. The relevance of this line now in our current world shows the relevance Rent still has socially and politically 20 years later. I'm grateful the podcast allows me to connect with interesting people with similar interests like Danny and I'm real excited to see him perform tonight (on the day this is published I'm going to the show here in Detroit). I know regardless of your relationship to the piece you'll enjoy this tangental conversation, but warning, it might make you a new Renthead too...

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    162 | Dr. Christiane Northrup, OBGYN on Ageless Wellness, Sex, Interconnection, Community & more!

    Today's episode is with the very wise Dr. Christiane Northrup. She's an OBGYN who has been the leader in holistic female health since the early 1990s. She's been featured on Oprah several times and her many best selling books have helped shift people's approach to health (like the bigger picture 'health' that expands beyond the physical), especially for women. For long-time pod listeners you may remember that I interviewed her daughter Kate Northrup as one of my first guests on the show. Dr. Northrup is so wise and gives such interesting information about sex, pleasure, and relationships as well as so much more in this episode. In our conversation we cover her background and her past work, why it has been so important and how that has led her to the work she is doing now and her latest book she wrote. We cover her wisdom gained on 'getting older', the changes in the medicine and wellness industry, the importance of embracing sexuality, the interconnectedness (in our bodies and beyond). She lists so many good resources in this episode, especially books, so be sure to check out the show notes below.If you have any questions for Dr. Northrup or myself tweet at us or reach out to us in the Facebook Group here.

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    157 | Rebekah Borucki on Family, Meditation, Being True to Yourself and more!

    Rebekah Borucki (Bex Life) returns to the podcast for the first time since episode 10 in 2013. We catch up on how she was a teen mom to now being a mom of five, her family history and identity with race, where she's at with spirituality now compared to growing up religious, how meditation changed her life, and her super sound parenting insights on raising kids to be happy and healthy.

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    155 | Andrée Vermeulen on Creativity, Intuitive Eating, Relationships + more

    I'm so grateful for this podcast because it allows me to have conversations with people I admire and ask them anything I'm curious about. I recently discovered Andrée Vermeulen and instantly fell in love with her on social media. As I say in the episode, her Instagram really hits all the notes for me--cute dog, interesting career (she's an actress and comedian), great healthy food (she's a plantbased intuitive eater), and most importantly she's hilarious.

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    151 | Zoë Ligon of Spectrum Boutique on Unconventional Relationships, Sexual Wisdom, Defining Beauty, & More! [HIGHLIGHT DETROIT]

    Sex educator, visual artist, writer, entrepreneur, and owner of Spectrum Boutique Zoë Ligon and I talk consent with sex, female organism, her passion behind her work and how she got into it, as well as unrelated topics like dealing with death of a parent at a young age, why it's good to vulnerably, modern relationships and what it means to communicate with your partner(s), body image when it comes to dating, the difference between calling someone out and calling someone in, and a bunch more...

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    149 | Sixteen Things I Tried in 2016

    Today I have a special end of the year podcast episode. I recorded this episode last night on a whim as I was reflecting on all the things that happened this year. In many ways this episode is me 'letting it out' and sharing in audio format a final journal entry for the year.

  63. Thumb 1482175498 artwork

    148 | Coach Gus Ganakas (my Grandpa!) on Knowing Your Strengths, Combining Humor with Hard Work + More!

    While I've had countless conversations with my grandpa, former college basketball coach Gus Ganakas, this one was special because all of you were there.... I was able to lead the conversation into areas I'd never heard my grandpa discuss. Even though I recorded this episode over 3 years ago, before I even had a microphone much less any experience podcasting, the wisdom he shared throughout our conversation was too good not to share.

  64. Thumb 1481582783 artwork
  65. Thumb 1481261548 artwork

    146 | KATIE WONDERS No. 011 - October/November Favorites + Q & A + wisdom from Pete Holmes, Valerie Chaney, Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield and more!

    This episode is a combo of my favorite things right now + answers to your questions + quotes and wisdom I took away from my recent retreat in Hawaii! The links and notes for everything I mentioned in this episode are below. I hope you enjoy it. Also, if you aren't already be sure to join the Facebook Group for extended conversation on this episode and whatever else you have on your mind.

  66. Thumb 1480367325 artwork

    145 | Meika Hollender on Feminism, Women’s Health and Making Safe Sex Fun!

    I read an article about Meika Hollender and her company Sustain last spring and insanely knew wanted to have her on the podcast. A few months later I was chatting with her about everything from what it was like starting condom company with her father to the future of women's health and safe sex. Meika is such a down-to-each, smart, and fascinating woman. I loved getting to know her on this episode and I really think you will too. Her company Sustain's mission and products are fantastic and I'm so happy I was able to connect with Meika.

  67. Thumb 1479878951 artwork

    144 | HIGHLIGHT DETROIT Renee Heigel on Loving Yourself Naked, The Art of Surrender + More!

    Today's another HIGHLIGHT DETROIT episode I talk with my friend Renee Heigel . She is a local friend of mine and in today's convo we talk about the importance of body confidence. We talk about the importance of getting outside of your comfort zones and releasing the illusion of control are crucial to overall happiness. I love Renee and I'm sure after this conversation you will as well.

  68. Thumb 1479195199 artwork
  69. Thumb 1478583639 artwork
  70. Thumb 1477895200 artwork

    141 | Lynn Chen of the Actors Diet on love & balance with food, acting, blogging, & a bunch more!

    This week I talk to Lynn Chen of the Actor's Diet blog. Lynn is a super talented actor as well as a food writer, TV personality, long time blogger with the Actor's Diet (now also a podcast) as well as an eating disorder advocate, and founder of Thick Dumpling Skin a platform to help Asian American's with disordered eating. Lynn is way cool & I loved our long wide ranging conversation.

  71. Thumb 1477929165 artwork
  72. Thumb 1477244631 artwork

    139 | Natlaie Macneil on Her Morning Mindset Secrets, Tools to Stay Balanced in Life & Work, Creative Business Planning + More!

    We've got another repeat guest this week. I love reconnecting with people I originally spoke with years ago to see how much has changed and grown for them. Today Natalie MacNeil is back on the pod to catch up and share some of her secrets to her super success since the last time she was on the show. We talk about everything from her current productivity centered morning routine, to business management tools, to mindfulness tools she uses each day. AND since I've last spoken to her in episode #44 she has written two new books and created this free program all centered around creative business planning and putting your goals and dreams into action (in a fun way). I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it. And if you do decide to join the Business Accelerator Program let us know in the Facebook Group.

  73. Thumb 1476824575 artwork

    138 | Jonathan Fields returns on importance of focus & his approach to balance for A Good Life + More!

    Today I am stoked to be bringing back one of my favorite podcasters and personal inspirations for me starting my own podcast, Jonathan Fields. Some of you may remember him from episode #44. Jonathan is the creator of all kinds of mission driven media including his podcast which features all kinds of heart driven guests speaking about the many aspects that make up a good life. You can even catch a small section where I am featured on his podcast here.

    It's been a couple years since he has been on my pod so I was delighted to talk to him about his latest book and get his sage advice on anything going on in my life as a super wise mentor in my life. He emphasizes what I am trying to practice most these days -- living a balanced life. You will hear us talk about how when we focus too much on one 'bucket' or area of life it often will never change. I've personally found this true on so many levels as I continue to grow and heal in my own life. He also gave me some some really helpful insight around my big recent struggle of feeling like 'a jack of all trades, master of none'.

    Let us know what you thought of this episode tweet at us @jonathanfields & @katiedalebout. Or hop on over to the Facebook Group and ask them there. I'd be happy to pass any questions to Jonathan along to him and I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback around this episode.

  74. Thumb 1476160466 artwork
  75. Thumb 1475510935 artwork

    136 | Simi Botic with Real Talk on Pregnancy, Self Care, Body Image, and More!

    Today I have back (for a third time) one of my best friends and favorite pod guests, Simi Botic.

    Part of why I love Simi so much is because of her ability to be real and authentic in whatever she is experiencing (and her adorable laugh). That's why I wanted to have her back to share the unexpected and somewhat difficult experience she had with her pregnancy. A couple months ago she wrote this incredible article during her first trimester for Refinery29. (If you haven't yet read it I highly recommend you do... even if you aren't pregnant it's a great article.) In this conversation we not only expand on her relationship with her body and food during her pregnancy but also on her relationship with herself, her relationship with her husband Tim, and the lessons she'll take beyond being pregnant. We both would love to hear your feedback on the convo. Let us know your thoughts, questions, experiences in the Facebook Group.

  76. Thumb 1475123115 artwork

    135 | Katie WONDERS No. 010 - August/September Gratitudes ft. Liberated Movement, Striiike Salon's Feathered Brows, A Giveaway for my Fav Candy, Pancakes + more!

    Welcome to episode 10 of my podcast mini series Katie WONDERS. In these episodes I share all the things I've been exploring and loving over the past month or two.

    The links and notes for everything I mentioned in this episode are below. If you have any questions, things you want to share with me or just want to say hi the best way to do that is to join the extended conversation in the Facebook Group. Enjoy!

  77. Thumb 1474986151 artwork

    134 | Gabby Bernstein returns on Why The Universe Has Your Back, the election, & how to be a Spirit Junkie in the times we're living in now.

    Gabrielle Bernstein has been my friend and mentor for over 4 years now and this is maybe our 4th conversation on my podcast. In today's episode Gabby talks about why this book was the most challenging to write and took double the amount of time than her pervious books, where the idea for the book came from, and how this book is different from her previous books. We also get into her current life and how to handle your feelings about the election and current political climate. Enjoy my candid conversation with Gabby.

  78. Thumb 1474345119 artwork

    133 | Alexi Wasser of the Love Alexi pod on Nerdist + IMBOYCRAZY on Dating, Creativity and More!

    Alexi Wasser is an actress, comedian, podcast host, and blogger in Los Angeles. You'll love her wit and wisdom in this episode. We talk about feeling vulnerable and feeling exposed when sharing creative work and about about dating, death, future goals and what she does to stay inspired and confident. This episode is long and tangental, which I love and hope you do too. Alexi is such a talented, multifaceted, fascinating person. I could have talked to her for 2 more hours and I know you'll love listening to our chat here.

  79. Thumb 1473701616 artwork

    132 | HIGHLIGHT DETROIT with Christian Birky of Lazlo on Ethical Fashion, Sustainable Consumption, and Why He love Detroit!

    This week is particularly exciting since this episode is the first in my new mini-series HIGHLIGHT DETROIT. I love it here. I love the vibe, love the landscape, the grit, the art, the food, but most of all…. I love the people. I had the thought that I wanted to introduce those cool people here to you so the mini-series HIGHLIGHT DETROIT was born. There are so many fascinating people here, from artists to entrepreneurs and many of them become my non-Internet exclusive friends. Today is the first installment with Christian Birky founder of the brand Laszlo which you will hear all about in this episode. After graduating from Princeton in 2013, where time spent tutoring in a prison led to a thesis on prison policy Christian's interest in social entrepreneurship goes back to a pony-powered, emissions-free lawn service he started at age 11 with his sister (and Lazlo co-founder) Kathryn. I met Christian at a Creative Mornings talk he gave about ethics a couple months ago and loved his brand, vision, and mission. I couldn't think of a better person to kick off this series spotlighting our area of the country. We hear from people in bigger cities like New York or LA way more frequently on podcasts (even this one) which is why I wanted to spotlight some people who live in Detroit so you can get a taste of how exciting it is to live here. So for the next hour or so while you're listening to this episode and future ones from this series... WELCOME TO DETROIT.

  80. Thumb 1473186186 artwork

    131 | Bethany Webster on The 'Mother Wound' and The Importance of a Healthy Adult Relationship with our parents, boundaries, self-care, and more!

    This week I have a fascinating conversation with Bethany Webster about the 'Mother Wound' We get into what that even means, how to heal it, and how our adult relationships with our mothers impact our lives. This is a topic that I didn't know existed or anything about before I found Bethany's work through a listener of the podcast and once I explored this topic a further I found so much value in really looking at this in my own life through implementing the tips Bethany shares in this episode. She outlines her 7 steps for healing the mother wound as well as explains in depth what the mother wound is and the symptoms of it in our lives. Be open to learning something new in this episode and I'd love our feedback.

  81. Thumb 1472324456 artwork

    130 | Steve & Michelle of the Laugh or Go Crazy Podcast on Being Selfless, Manifestation and Finding Joy in Everyday Life

    Welcome back to another week of the podcast. This week I speak with two guests who are actually podcast co-hosts themselves and such lovely people. Steve and Michelle host the very popular podcast Laugh or Go Crazy where they talk about where the spiritual meets the comical. They are both elementary school teachers and best friends who record some of their real-life deep conversations about life, love, career, friendship, parenthood, feelings and more and share them through their podcast. We talk in this episode all about how they met and how the podcast was conceived. We get into personal growth and the law of attraction and how they use these concepts on a practical level. It's a fun, inspiring conversation I loved having. I'm sure you'll love getting to know them as much as I did in today's very sweet episode. The two of them even came to my book launch party in NYC last spring...if that doesn't tell you what thoughtful, genuine, and supportive people they are then this episode for sure will...

  82. Thumb 1471795547 artwork

    129 | Audra Dennison on Ditching Dieting, Metabolism Healing, Getting Your Period Back if it's MIA, Listening to Your Body's Needs + More!

    I recorded this episode with Audra Dennison quite a while ago so when I relistened before airing it this today I'd forgotten exactly what we discussed and how tremendously helpful Audra had been to me personally in healing my metabolism and getting my period back after years of dieting and restricting my food. This episode does focus heavily on diet recovery but even if you’ve always been a 'normal eater' listen to this episode. You might think it would be boring for you but I'd encourage you to listen because it will give you insight into the way so many people live when it comes to dieting and controlling their food and exercise and how that impacts their physical and mental health long term. I share a bunch about my own story in this episode and open up about where I am at now vs where I've been with body image since starting this podcast.  We talk about healing your metabolism and get way into the Minnesota starvation experiment under research scientist Ancel Keys which is REAL fascinating. We discuss the importance of learning to embrace your adult body and getting over wanting your body to look as it was as child or another point in your life + many other things so just listen, okay? 

  83. Thumb 1471275622 artwork

    128 | Gala Darling on Style Tips, Relationship Advice, Radical Self-Love, Her Body Image Secret, + More!

    I've been following Gala Darling for a while now and having her on my podcast had been on my guest goal list for years. Finally, in this episode we made it happen and the conversation does not disappoint. Gala is constantly raw, real, and so completely herself in everything she does. It's contagious just by being around her being so at peace with who she is makes me feel like I want to remove any masks I might still be wearing and fully be myself out in the world no mater how unique. I got to meet Gala in person last summer at Kripalu and she was exactly who she seems online in person which is always refreshing. This conversation is super tangential covering buckets of topics from radical self-love, her body image secret, style & fashion tips, relationship advice, and blogging insight. I know you'll love her and this conversation as much as I did. Keep in touch with Gala and I on social media and let us know what you thought of our episode.

  84. Thumb 1470380400 artwork

    127 | Talia Pollock of Party in My Plants on Finding Humor in the Wellness World /Every where, Infusing Food with fun, and More!

    Talia of Party in my Plants talks about how clean eating and wellness healed her stomach issues then made her super isolated and depressed and we focus on what happens after than when she figured out how to find the funny in food, wellness, and overall life. She's blending comedy and health and wellness and is just an overall really talented cool person.

  85. Thumb 1470379305 artwork
  86. Thumb 1470026115 artwork
  87. Thumb 1469504924 artwork

    124 | Beth Stelling on Comedy, Following Your Passion and way More!

    This week's guest is the smart, funny and beautiful comedian Beth Stelling. I first heard about her through one of my favorite podcast episodes with Pete Holmes and later I find out she was a good friend of my close friends Simi and Tim (who you have all met of previous pods). Being able to spend over an hour with her chatting about her life and comedy was amazing.

    Then I have a mini-interview with another inspiring entrepreneur and today's pod sponsor Zeb Dropkin of Northbook Journals. Northbook Journals have been my journal of choice lately especially when I am on-the-go. Zeb shares why he decided to start a journaling company and how he's overcome the 'startup' challenges.

  88. Thumb 1468862453 artwork

    123 | Linda Bacon on True Health at Every Size, the Importance of Community, and more!

    Linda Bacon is a brilliant professor, speaker, and author (plus so much more) who is full of wisdom on all things related to diet, health and nutrition. She is known for challenging standards about health and weight set by society and science. This episode covers not only topics related to health and weight but to also making life as a whole beautiful and what that means. We talk about seeing the importance of pleasure and community. My favorite part of todays conversation is about 20 minutes into the episode where Linda shares a powerful story that illustrates discrimination and the power it can have even in subtle ways.

  89. Thumb 1468279806 artwork

    122 | Galia Barkol on Filmmaking, Exploring Our Being, Collective Experiences, Inspiring Films and more!

    I recorded this interview a few months ago and re-listening to it reminded me how much I loved this conversation, it is so aligned with the direction I want this podcast to move into. Galia is an inspiring writer, director, and actress originally from Israel and now living in NYC. She has a movie she's finishing editing now and sending to film festivals called Then What Happens. Her perspectives on life and her passion for her art shine through in todays conversation. We also explore body image both generally and in her industry as she talks about her own story and struggles with an eating disorder. She shares in such a beautiful way her deep connection and exploration into her body and self and how this has carried her to where she is today. She is just an all around lovely soul and has so many great recommendations for books, movies, directors, actors, and life lessons.

    -- SHOW SPONSOR -- At the end of the episode, stick around for a quick conversation with Dr. Erin Stokes the director of health at MegaFood Supplements today's pod sponsor. Erin talks about her journey to falling into a career she loves and why she is so passionate about it. She also give some quick tips on how we can all “mind the gap” and get the extra nutrients we are missing out on, even when we are living a healthy lifestyle.

  90. Thumb 1467406248 artwork

    121 | Soulcamp Founders on Real Life Connections, Community, Serendipity, and More!

    First off I talk with the founders of SoulCamp about how they decided to create an adult sleep away camp for your soul. We get into all the details on what exactly SoulCamp is and why community is so important. Because as much as I love the internet and how it can be a catalyst for beautiful friendships and wisdom, there is something magical about in real life connection and community, which we talk about on the show.

    Then at the end of this episode I have a mini-interview with the incredible and inspiring Mariam Popp about getting yourself 'all the way together' ... you'll hear more...

  91. Thumb 1467005179 artwork

    120 | Danielle Paige Gives My Astrology Chart LIVE + plus insight on using astrology + My favorite Vintage Denim Brand.

    This episode is a little different from most because today Danielle reads my astrology chart live on the pod. For some of you long-time listeners of the pod you may remember Danielle from episode #63 . In today's episode not only do you get to know more about me but you will also learn more about astrology in general and get some insight on what the different parts of your own chart or reading mean. And even though we are well into 2016, Danielle's key word and highlighted theme for this year is a great reminder for all of us. + my favorite vintage denim brand!

    Pod Sponsor + Mini-Interview: Stick around at the end for an inspiring mini-interview with the amazing Dawn Myers, founder of Rhipped Denim. Many of you have probably seen me rocking my favorite jean shorts from Rhipped Denim on snapchat. I seriously love these jeans so much and get so many compliments on them all the time. Plus Dawn is offering listeners an AMAZING deal. If you enter the promo-code "KATIE" (all caps) at checkout not only do you get 10% your order but you also get a FREE chocker (valued at $18).

  92. Thumb 1466646525 artwork

    119 | BONUS EPISODE - 17 Quick Fire Questions Gabby Bernstein

    I've got a special Friday treat for you today. Today you get the answer to 17 Special Questions for Gabby. Not only do I have this BONUS EPISODE in audio format but I also have it to share with you as an actual video recording. Check it out to get Gabby's latest inside scoop on life, career, inspiration and and more!

  93. Thumb 1466616925 artwork

    118 | Tiffany Han on Creativity, Podcasting, Finding Flow, Finding Love, Motherhood and More!

    I am super stoked to be back for a brand new season of the pod with a whole new title, theme song, look, and vibe! I'm kicking off the new season with Tiffany Han. Tiffany is a fellow podcaster and I was recently on her show "Raise Your Hand. Say Yes.". Today I get to have her in the hot-seat and ask her all kinds of questions around being an entrepreneur, life's non-linear journey, getting creative, manifesting and so much more.

  94. Thumb 1465490591 artwork
  95. Thumb 1464023830 artwork

    116 | Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blond on Orthorexia, Living a Balanced Life, Honesty & More!

    This week not only do I have an amazing guest that I know you guys are going to love, but I also have some super important things to talk about in the intro. It's a bit longer than usually but it was something that I really needed to share with all of you. It also ties in with the the underlying theme of honesty that is in this entire episode. For the bulk of the episode though I get to share with you an incredible conversation Jordan Younger of the Balanced Blonde. Her story parallels mine in many ways and we share so much in common in our evolution over the past few years and how that has affected our lives and our work. She gets real about what true balance means and how being authentic and honest with yourself should come before anything else in life.

    Full show notes at: www.katiedalebout.com/podcast/jordanyounger

  96. Thumb 1463412127 artwork

    115 | Bob Roth on Transcendental Meditation, Why He Loves Detroit & more!

    I'm excited today to bring you guys another duo interview episode around the theme of mindfulness and meditation practices.

    First I talk with Bob Roth of the David Lynch Foundation and the Transcendental Meditation movement.

    Most of you guys know that a few months ago I started a TM practice (Transcendental Meditation). I'm not a huge fan of mediation but this practice has seriously made an impact in my life and is a tool that has worked for me when so many other meditation techniques never stuck. Because of this I wanted to bring you guys an episode with Bob Roth, one of the main leaders of the TM movement, and dive deep into a conversation around what TM is, why it's so beneficial, how it works and why it's been popular with millions of people around the world including Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen Degeneres and more. Bob talks with us about all these super interesting things around TM but our conversation also goes into why his favorite city is Detroit (where I'm living!) and some funny stories around his favorite fruit.

    At the end of the episode Dr. Geoff Soloway of MindWell give us insight into 'mindful wellness' along with some practices you can start using today to be more mindful in your life. MindWell also has a 30 Day Challenge program that you can signup for with a friend. You can read more about it in the show notes below.

    This episode around meditation and mindfulness is definitely one of my favorites and I hope you guys enjoy listening in!

  97. Thumb 1462899001 artwork

    114 | Melissa Ambrosini on Self-Love, The Beauty of Single-Tasking & Mastering Your Mean Girl

    I first discovered Melissa almost 3-4 years ago through an Australian YouTube program I was hooked on called Health Talks. Melissa's incredible approach to life inspired me and I was instantly drawn to her work and became a fan girl and follower over the past few years. And today I get to share with you my convo with her about her story and her latest book, Mastering Your Mean Girl. We talk about all kinds of things including our different approaches to writing books, how to find love, balancing technology with presence, what some of her favorite routines and things are at the moment and much more.

    Also at the end of the episode I have an additional bonus interview with Samantha of Hungry for Happiness about work and story of how she began supporting women in their bodies and in finding integrity between internal and external worlds.

  98. Thumb 1462476053 artwork

    113 | Katie WONDERS No. 007 - BIRTHDAY SPECIAL Listener Q&A with Katie!

    Today I have a special Katie Wonders (episode 8) for you guys! I've been wanting to record a listener Q&A for a while so I decided to finally do it on my birthday which was April 3oth. I couldn't think of a better way to start off my 26th year than by hanging out with you guys and answering your questions via this podcast. If you are new to the Katie WONDERS mini-series you can read more about the concept in this post.

  99. Thumb 1462212176 artwork

    112 | The Wellness Wonderland & Food Psych Podcasts LIVE in NYC!

    Today's episode is unlike any other episode ever here on Wellness Wonderland Radio. As most of you know, on April 5th, 2016 I recorded a LIVE duo podcast at Theater Lab in NYC with my good friend Chrissy Harrison, host of Food Psych Radio. The recording included a panel of incredible women all sharing their own unique message in support of positive body image and diet-free living. Join myself, Christy Harrison, Kelsey Miller's Caroline Dooner, Cece Olisa, Aime Roe and our awesome LIVE listener audience (maybe you were there??) as we sing and play ukulele with Caroline, read a portion Kelsey's new book, answer the audience's questions and more.

  100. Thumb 1461689638 artwork

    111 | Emily Nolan on the Truth of Modeling, Going Topless, Food Energetics and more!

    Emily Nolan. For those of you that don't know her get ready to be inspired and maybe even learn some crazy things about the modeling and social media world (I did!). She is the creator of Topless Yoga and the blog My Kind of Life.

    This week I interview Emily Nolan. Her message and work create such a meaningful impact in the world and I am truly honored to have her as a guest this week. We get into all kinds of topics from food energetics to 'going topless'.

    Full show notes at: http://katiedalebout.com/podcast/emilynolan/

  101. Thumb 1461073215 artwork
  102. Thumb 1460475376 artwork

    109 | Melissa A. Fabello on Feminism, Eating Disorders, Sex, Relationships and more!

     On this episode we talk about how her story led her to the work she is doing in the world today along with tips and advice for others that struggle with body image and getting through their 20's.  We also dive deep into the topic of sex, relationships, and how these are possibly affected by disordered eating patterns. The episode is packed with wisdom in all areas in life that I know you guys will enjoy!

  103. Thumb 1459800561 artwork

    108 | Jenn Hand on Journaling, Making Peace with Your Body, and Finding Balance in Eating Habits

    Today I've got a special guest and topic for you guys in honor of the release of my book, Let It Out! Jenn Hand is a fellow journaler and we talk about how our different (but similar) journeys have evolved with this transformational tool. Journaling started as a tool for us to help get clarity in our minds around our thoughts and emotions connected to eating and body image. Today we use it for so much more. I hope you guys enjoy this episode and either begin your own journaling practice or dive deeper into one you already have!

    Full show notes here: http://katiedalebout.com/podcast/jenn-hand/

  104. Thumb 1459493833 artwork
  105. Thumb 1459210513 artwork

    106 | Jessie Artigue of Style & Pepper on Fashion, Marriage, Travel & Beauty in Inperfections

    It's episode 100 of the podcast! I can't believe I've been hosting my podcast for over 3 years now and I'm releasing the 100th interview episode today, I didn't even realize it! I'm so happy to welcome today's amazing 100th guest Jessie Artigue of Style & Pepper and the podcast Marriage is Funny. She's so inspirational to me and was a blast to talk to on the podcast. We get into her career, relationship, and fashion advice and so much more.

  106. Thumb 1458538663 artwork
  107. Thumb 1458060367 artwork
  108. Thumb 1457419510 artwork
  109. Thumb 1457028465 artwork
  110. Thumb 1456863590 artwork
  111. Thumb 1456196918 artwork
  112. Thumb 1455590681 artwork

    099 | Christy Harrison Returns! on Eating Disorder Recovery, Boundaries, Starting the Food Psych Podcast & more

    Christy is a nutritionist who runs a private practice where she specialized is eating disorder recovery and Health At Every Size (HAES). She's been a huge help to me in healing my own lingering eating issues in the past few years both as a friend and through her amazing podcast Food Psych where she gets to know a diverse group of guests through the lens of their relationship with food and their bodies.

  113. Thumb 1455052003 artwork
  114. Thumb 1455062152 artwork
  115. Thumb 1454156012 artwork
  116. Thumb 1453831891 artwork
  117. Thumb 1453222670 artwork
  118. Thumb 1452498424 artwork
  119. Thumb 1451885201 artwork
  120. Thumb 1450805490 artwork
  121. Thumb 1450202285 artwork
  122. Thumb 1449546045 artwork
  123. Thumb 1449008603 artwork
  124. Thumb 1448347914 artwork
  125. Thumb 1447711553 artwork
  126. Thumb 1447093666 artwork
  127. Thumb 1446528173 artwork
  128. Thumb 1445758991 artwork
  129. Thumb 1445375530 artwork
  130. Thumb 1444840929 artwork
  131. Thumb 1443850001 artwork
  132. Thumb 1443195281 artwork
  133. Thumb 1442468959 artwork
  134. Thumb 1441837365 artwork
  135. Thumb 1441339207 artwork

    076 | Simi Botic on Embracing Intuitive Eating & Finally Feeling Free

    This week I chat with one of my favorite people on the internet and in the world Simi Botic. We chat about our crazy dieting history, intuitive eating now, and living a wellness wonderland of a life. She is awesome and I love her and you will too, trust me.

  136. Thumb 1440629718 artwork
  137. Thumb 1439756625 artwork
  138. Thumb 1438200757 artwork
  139. Thumb 1437485438 artwork
  140. Thumb 1435175598 artwork
  141. Thumb 1432694721 artwork
  142. Thumb 1431475642 artwork
  143. Thumb 1430268077 artwork
  144. Thumb 1428453777 artwork

    067 | Maddy Moon

    How to reboot our metabolism, start intuitive eating for real, and be a cooler, happier person with Maddy Moon.

  145. Thumb 1426629302 artwork

    066 | Anita Teresa on Sex + Wellness

    Anita and I talk about how awakening your sexual energy and embracing your femininity can change your life by making you happier, healthier, more abundant and have more energy.

  146. Thumb 1424224355 artwork

    065 | ANJIE CHO

    Interior Designer, Architect, and author Anjie Cho and I discuss Feng Shui, de-cluttering, and creating holistic spaces.

  147. Thumb 1422384584 artwork

    064 | Danielle Paige

    This episode I talk with my astrologer, mentor, and friend Danielle about how we can use astrology in our lives & following our intuition.

  148. Thumb 1421771928 artwork

    063 | Lena Dunham & Isabel Foxen Duke

    I chat with Isabel Foxen Duke about our thoughts on Lena Dunham's memoir Not That Kind Of Girl and Lena's relationship with food & body image and how it is portrayed in the media.

  149. Thumb 1419987450 artwork

    062 | DR. JOY JACOBS

    Today's episode is very heavy yet very special to me. I was touched by the gravity of this conversation. I speak with Dr. Joy Jacobs, a clinical psychologist, coach, and author specializing in issues related to eating, weight management, and body image.

  150. Thumb 1418218407 artwork

    061 | TATA HARPER

    Tata Harper is the founder of Tata Harper skincare. We not only discuss natural skin care but also how she manages being a CEO and a mother while staying in her Wellness Wonderland.

  151. Thumb 1416948333 artwork


    My friend and mentor Natalie MacNeil talks about starting her business She Takes On The World, blocks she faced, mindfulness practices she uses, and how she structures her day as a successful entrepreneur.

  152. Thumb 1415153156 artwork

    059 | Christy Harrison (part 2)

    Part-2 of my conversation with Christy Harrison the host of the Food Psych podcast. Part 1 can be listened to on episode of 34 of the Food Psych show.

  153. Thumb 1413931354 artwork

    058 | NANCY LEVIN

    I talk with author, speaker, coach and all around awesome person Nancy Levin on how to jump and trust your life will appear.

  154. Thumb 1412736274 artwork


    In this episode Isabel Foxen Duke joins us for a bonus episode & I tell my own personal story with the pod on my eating disorder.

  155. Thumb 1411504629 artwork


    In the season 3 premiere I share some announcements and then launch into the show with only the second repeat guest, Isabel Foxen Duke who is an emotional freedom from food guru.

  156. Thumb 1405475555 artwork
  157. Thumb 1404878011 artwork


    Jenny Sansouci is my Healthy Crush, listen to find out why.

  158. Thumb 1404267421 artwork

    053 | ALEX BEADON

    Alex Beadon and I get down to business on how to make your creative passion your life's work and how to stay in your Wellness Wonderland as an entrepreneur.

  159. Thumb 1403698147 artwork


    Australian life-coach, speaker, and writer Connie Chapman visits wonderland to talk about intuition, visualization, entrepreneurship, and more.

  160. Thumb 1403061351 artwork

    051 | ELLE GRIFFIN

    Fifty episodes of WWRadio, wow. This golden episode is rad & I talk to with Elle Griffin on everything from hormones, to sex drive, to divine feminine and more. I'm over the moon about this episode.

  161. Thumb 1402494576 artwork

    050 | Kooshoo

    This episode highlights the intersection of entrepreneurship and relationships. Kooshoo is a sustainable clothing company founded by husband & wife yogi duo Jesse & Rachel Evns.

  162. Thumb 1401884952 artwork


    In this special edition slumber party we focus on the number one wellness practice for changing your life: sleep. Sleep guru Shawn Stevenson is back in Wonderland talking about how you can make the most of sleep.

  163. Thumb 1401248086 artwork


    Today’s guest is one of my favorite people and the person who transformed my relationship to exercise. She's the creator of Shrink Session, a workout that not only tones your body but also expands your mind.

  164. Thumb 1400641120 artwork

    047 | JORDAN BACH

    Jordan Bach is all around super cool guy I look up to a ton as a spiritual guru and leader. Jordan is a life coach, writer, and speaker and a champion for gays inspiring people all around the world.

  165. Thumb julie newbio270x

    046 | JULIE PIATT

    This week I chat with Julie Piatt chef, healer, yogi, musician, mother, and wife to Rich Roll. We get into everything from relationships to plant-based cooking.

  166. Thumb images


    Today I talk to the guy who inspired this podcast in the first place, the massively inspirational entrepreneur leader Jonathan Fields of GoodLife Project stops by Wonderland for an authentic chat.

  167. Thumb img 1491


    Special episode not just because it's my birthday, but because my very first WWRadio guest Filippa returns to tell us about her new juice business & get authentic on our connection and how she guided me on my journey.

  168. Thumb 1173590 10201540272486884 1377538303 n

    043 | SACHA JONES

    Sacha Jones is the founder of Stiggly Holistics NYC and a Certified Wellness Counselor and most importantly a dear friend & second mama to me. Hear us chat on how we met & her best advice for wellness.

  169. Thumb url

    042 | JOE CROSS

    Joe Cross, author, filmmaker, and speaker talks juicing, is new book, and how life has changed since his movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead came out.

  170. Thumb url


    This is a special edition 40th episode featuring my mentor Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and Kundalini yoga teacher. WARNING: This episode will cause miracles.

  171. Thumb url


    Lawyer turned entrepreneur Alexis Sclamberg, talks about how she's Elevating Gen Y in a unique way. Her story, lessons, and more in this week's interview.

  172. Thumb url

    039 | ANITA GOA

    NYC based yoga & fitness instructor and YouTube star Anita Goa talks yoga both on and off the mat.

  173. Thumb screen shot 2014 03 18 at 10.55.46 pm

    038 | FRAN KERR

    Ever struggled with your skin? Feel like you've tried everything? Fran Kerr can heal your skin naturally & holistically. She's done it for me and today she does it for you!

  174. Thumb url 1

    037 | GINA DeVEE

    Internationally known life & success coach, motivational speaker, and radio talk show host with sage wisdom and advice.

  175. Thumb gebbs pic


    A conversation about in entrepreneurship & a new metric of success.

  176. Thumb screen shot 2014 02 26 at 7.40


    Eco-entrepreneur, Detroit based wellness warrior, non-toxic personal care advocate, fermentation expert, whole food chef, and retreat host.

  177. Thumb url

    034 | MICAELA EZRA

    Michaela Ezra is fashion designer, textile artist, and spiritual teacher. Listen to her story & journey.

  178. Thumb photo


    Danielle Boonstra is an author & coach. She shares her journey with radical authentic honesty & give grounded inspirational advice for handling transition.

  179. Thumb 031 tara stiles

    032 | TARA STILES

    Tara Stiles has been my idol since I started practicing yoga in a high school gym class. She inspired me to take my yoga practice off of the mat, taught me that yoga was for everyone, and inspired me to become a teacher.

  180. Thumb 030 sid garza hillman


    Sid Garza-Hillman, the Small Step Advocate, is the author of Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto, and host of the popular Approaching the Natural Podcast.

  181. Thumb 029 joy mccarthy

    030 | JOY MCCARTHY

    Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health is a holistic nutritionist, author, speaker, coach and TV personality with so much passion and talent for what she does.

  182. Thumb 028 ronnie landis


    Ronnie Landis is a nutritionist, author, speaker, and health expert.

  183. Thumb 027 shawn stevenson


    Shawn Stevenson is the mastermind behind the Model Health Show Podcast and one of the smartest & most articulate guys I’ve met.

  184. Thumb 026 christine gutierrez


    Christine Gutierrez is a psychotherapist, advice columnist, speaker, author, poet and founder of CosmicLife.com, an online hub that features psychologically-savvy and soulful advice, articles, videos, private consultations, workshops, retreats, radio appearances and television projects.

  185. Thumb 025 5 bonus holiday episode

    026 | Happy Holidays Audio Workshop!

    I hope you enjoy Putting The Happy Back Into The Holiday Season this year! And now that you have the tools, have a truly HAPPY holiday season.

  186. Thumb 025 daniel vitalis


    Daniel Vitalis is a world-renowned health, nutrition, and personal development strategist & founder of the amazing company Surthrival.

  187. Thumb 024 dr joel kahn

    024 | DR. JOEL KAHN

    A Detroit native, Dr. Joel Kahn is a nationally known speaker and author of the forthcoming book, The Holistic Heart Book. He is a leader in both the local and national wellness communities.

  188. Thumb 023 amanda russell


    Amanda Russell is the body & brains behind the amazing fitness empire ARFit. She’s a TV personality, trainer, athlete, healthy living expert, runner and above all, a down-to-earth super inspiring person.

  189. Thumb 022 drought

    022 | DROUGHT

    There's not just one guest - today we've got a crew. I'm super excited to have the masterminds behind my favorite local company DROUGHT here talking about everything from positive thinking, health, juicing and entrepreneurship.

  190. Thumb 021 alexis wolfer


    Alexis Wolfer is a TV personality, author, and founder/editor-in-chief of The Beauty Bean, an online women’s magazine and e-mail newsletter that gives readers a unique perspective on all things beauty, health and wellness.

  191. Thumb 020 nitika chopra


    Nitika Chopra is a talk show host and founder/editor-in-chief of YourBellaLife, an online lifestyle magazine founded in 2009.

  192. Thumb 019 addictive daughter


    Joey & Persia are the British duo behind Addictive Daughter. They are doing incredible things across the pond and providing sexy, savvy self help and changing the stigma attached to it.

  193. Thumb 018 jessica ortner


    Jessica Ortner is a producer of the documentary film on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, AKA tapping), "The Tapping Solution.” Her first book will be published by Hay House  in 2014.

  194. Thumb 017 brandon gilbert


    Today's an iconic day in Wonderland as we welcome our first male guest to WWRadio. Who better to break our longstanding (16 episode) gender gap than the extremely knowledgable and inspiring Brandon Gilbert of Hyperion Herbs?

  195. Thumb 016 nicole jardim


    Holistic health coach and women's health expert Nicole Jardim discusses a variety of topics including acne, birth control, hormonal health, fertility and healthy periods.

  196. Thumb 015 laurie gerber


    Renowned life coach and speaker Laurie Gerber is on the show sharing the most amazing practical advice for designing a life you love and becoming truly happy.

  197. Thumb 014 linda perkins


    Once upon a time, I received a message in a bottle. Not merely a message, but a love story. As soon as I opened my fragile package I was the instant proud owner (or borrower) of bottle number 13. A beautiful project started by writer & founder Linda Perkins, this is near and dear to my heart and I'm thrilled Linda stopped by Wonderland to tell us her story!

  198. Thumb 013 tracy raftl

    013 | TRACY RAFTL

    Natural skin care expert Tracy Raftl is on the show & I'm so psyched for you to hear this episode because she not only shares her authentic story but give amazing tips, advice and suggestions on how your skin can be glowing and acne free (completely naturally) using no harsh chemicals or medications.

  199. Thumb 012 kate northrup


    Financial freedom expert Kate Northrup gives us lots of practical actions, tips, and techniques to have a loving relationship with your financial situation.

  200. Thumb 011 arielle fierman


    Holistic health coach, speaker, jewelry designer and all around classy lady Arielle J. Fierman is on the show.

  201. Thumb 010 rebekah borucki


    Rebekah Borucki, better known as Bex of Bexlife, shares her thoughts on such topics as what to feed healthy kids, how to meditate in your car, and how to fit in everything you need to into your day.

  202. Thumb 009 isabel foxen duke


    Emotional freedom from food extraordinaire and coach Isabel Foxen Duke stops by Wonderland to shed light on real techniques on how to release  toxic relationships to food.

  203. Thumb 008 latham thomas


    Latham Thomas, the mastermind behind the Mama Glow empire, has created an amazing brand and her work  as a sought after nutrition and lifestyle expert has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Inside Edition, New York Daily News, New York Post, The Sunday Styles, Fit Pregnancy, Time Out New York, Vogue, Whole Living, Essence Magazine, VegNews, and the cover of Experience Life Magazine.

  204. Thumb 007 erin haslag

    007 | ERIN HASLAG

    Erin Haslag, of the famous & fabulous blog Well in L.A,  talks about everything from what she eats on a busy day, to how to not me to preachy to friends and family when it comes to health, to where she see wellness heading in 10 years.

  205. Thumb 006 carly morgan gross


    Carly Gross, of the fantastic blog Culinary Karma, is a wise and talented guru & chef but has also become one of my best friends and I'm so lucky to have her in my tribe. We talk how one diet doesn't work for everyone, how labels are silly, some favorite techniques for healing, and how there are multiple ways to heal.

  206. Thumb 004 robyn youkilis


    Robyn Youkilis, of Your Healthiest You, is a holistic health coach, body image expert for The Today Show, Ayurveda expert, and Quinn's other half in their amazing collaboration in the kitchen {Healthy} Cooking Camp with Robyn + Quinn.

  207. Thumb 003 quinn asteak

    003 | QUINN ASTEAK

    Quinn Asteak is not only an amazing chef and holistic health coach, but also half of the dynamic kitchen duo {Healthy} Cooking Camp with Robyn + Quinn.

  208. Thumb 002 heather waxman


    Heather Waxman, of the blog For the Love of Kale, shares great insight on everything from our morning and evening routines, go-to simple meals, advice for blogging, and her exciting current projects!

  209. Thumb 001 filippa salomonsson


    To kick things off, I have the amazing blogger & health coach Filippa Svenson of the famous blog Raw Clarity.

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