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Long-form conversations with good people who are good at being themselves. A diverse group of guests including visionary bloggers, authors, yogis, artists, entrepreneurs, comedians & actors with interesting perspectives, careers, and stories. Here they candidly share their story through an organic conversation with me. Topics include love, art, mindfulness, creativity, feminism, holistic living, relationships, sex, business, blogging, personal growth, health, body image, and sometimes things get super deep and spiritual and sometimes they are really funny because life is both.

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    192 | Tero Isokauppila of Four Sigmatic on Mushroom Hacks, Adaptogens, Family, Gratitude/Journaling + more!

    While I only met Tero Isokauppila for the first time this summer when we recorded this conversation in person while he was here in New York, we've been friends on the internet since early 2013. Tero's from Finland and founded the popular superfood mushroom brand Four Sigmatic over five years ago. While I've loved Four Sigmatic's products ever since I was one of the first bloggers in America to try them, my knowledge on the fungi kingdom, foraging, and the benefits of utilizing mushrooms was limited until this conversation. Wellness wise, we got identifying adaptogens, how to use powerful herbs, ‘mushroom hacks’, and why not all water is created equal. He answered everything I was curious about in the fascinating fungi kingdom. Beyond mushrooms we had a great conversation where we discussed everything from entrepreneurship,  inclusivity in the wellness industry, the importance of family, cultural and education system differences in other countries, his life growing up in Finland and moving to the States, his thoughts on living in New York City, and his journaling, reflection/gratitude practice.

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    191 | Dr. Emily Kiberd founder of Urban Wellness Clinic on Belly Breathing, Bio Hacks, Motherhood, Living Dreams + more.

    Her expertise of the human body and her feminine approach to chiropractic are unmatched. She's a chiropractor and founder of Midtown Manhattan's Urban Wellness Clinic, where sure curates a team of exert healers from a personal trainer, to an acupuncturist, to a masseuse. It was her dream to built this clinic in New York and we get into the goal setting and visioning of how she made that dream reality.  We discuss ways fitness can be harmful to the body, reprograming bad body patterns, the body working holistically, the importance of breathing and belly breathing, “tech neck”, bio hacks for everything from walking, sitting, and looking at our devices.

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    190 | Nicole Centeno founder of Splendid Spoon on Presence, Mindful Eating, Being a Single Mom CEO, Feelings + more!

    Nicole is so impressive to me. Not only is she a single mom of two, author, and founder and CEO of a start up, Splendid Spoon she is beautiful, present, articulate, and so engaging whenever I speak with her. We covered being a single mom, navigating a divorce, entrepreneurship, single tasking, feeling our feelings, living from your heart vs. head, food as medicine, career transitions, mindful eating, motherhood (and how 'you birth your own healer'), New York City, style tips (I love her style) and way more. I loved this episode.

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    189 | Madi Murphy and Bret Caretsky of The End Brooklyn on unicorn lattes & other high vibe foods, social media, pleasure vs. pressure and more!

    We recorded this a few weeks ago live at The End, a coffee shop in Brooklyn that is home to the unicorn latte and many other magical plant alchemy drinks. It's such a special place to me which I explain in detail in the episode but I discovered the adorable coffee shop months before moving to NY and then serendipitously met the owners and this week's guests Bret & Madi only a few days after moving. We not only get into how Bret & Madi came together to start The End and their first business the Montauk Juice Factory, but as usual the conversation meandered all over. We got into pleasure, specifically the power of “pleasure over pressure,” their love for Montauk, creativity, tapping into your own highest vibration, inclusivity in the wellness industry, social media, community, and so much more. I loved hosting this episode more than any other one I've ever done. I hope to do more live episodes all around the city because this was a blast, hope you can feel that when you listen.

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    188 | Latham Thomas on Non-Attachment, Finding community, What Feminism needs, the Value of Beauty, Glowing + More!

    I've loved Latham for years. She was one of my first ever guests and her saying yes to doing my podcast back in 2013 when I was getting started gave me the confidence to keep going. You'll quickly hear why I adore her. She is present, genuine, smart, articulate, and kind; all of which comes through in this episode. We talked for almost two hours about everything from her meeting with Oprah to living in NYC  to the value of surrounding yourself with beauty.  We talked about cultivating a supportive community of women & the importance of supporting other women. One of my favorite parts of the interview was her definition of feminism which is my favorite I've heard so far.

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    187 | Chris Cieri of Franklin & Whitman on Connection, Entrepreneurship, natural skin care, dogs, & being perfectly imperfect

    This conversation is rich--we covered our addition to our phones and occupying ourselves, vulnerability and connection, family, ambition, and of course  the inception of Frank & Whit beginning with a beard oil. I had a blast recording this episode. Chris and his wonderful wife Lisa came to NYC for the weekend and we not only recorded this 2 hour long conversation but talked even more over some rad meals at some of my favorite places in the city. Enjoy this conversation with the man behind Frank & Whit and if you want to try them use the code: KATIE for 20% off. 

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    186 | Ruby Warrington of The Numinous on Spiritual Activism, Astrology, Love, Journalism, Body Image, Style + more

    This episode feels so cozy to me. Listening to it brought back all the joy I felt when we recorded a couple weeks ago in Ruby's beautiful Brooklyn apartment. Sitting across from her surrounded by lush plants, shinny crystals, and cool photography-- I never wanted to end the episode and after two hours of flowing conversation it was truly hard to leave. Ruby is one of those people you meet and immediately want to be around and listen to. Not only does she have a soothing voice (complete with a British accent) with it she tells stories of her life in London as a fashion and lifestyle journalist, spews fascinating spiritual and astrology facts, antidotes of falling in love and moving to New York City, starting her online magazine The Numinous, and musing being a Material Girl in a Mystical World.  I'm proud of this conversation and how it effortlessly meandered into such interesting areas. We of course talked about her journalism career where she interviewed everyone from Lady Gaga to Claire Danes but also things I've never heard her discuss before like her eating disorder recovery and how she met and fell in love with her husband. We talk about how she found a career that she loves and fills her up as well as how she got into astrology and what the process of writing her book was like and what sharing it with her family was like. We get into the mystical vs. the scientific and where she is now with spiritual activism at the core of all her work which means taking all this mystical knowledge and using it for good in the world. I adore Ruby, her message, book, and this conversation. Hope you like it too and let me know.

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    185 | NEW Isabel Foxen Duke on Sanity Around Food, Surrender, Diet Culture, Fat Phobia as a Social Justice Concept + much more

    A few years ago I was a mess around food and my body. My entire life revolved around what I was eating next. If I wasn't preoccupied with my next meal, I was thinking about what I'd eaten earlier and what that meant for what or how much I'd allow myself to eat later. On the rare occasion I wasn't thinking about food, googling gluten-free-dairy-free recipes, or checking out another vegan restaurant's menu I was thinking about my body and how I was terrified of it changing in a way I wasn't comfortable with. I'm embarrassed to admit all of this but that was my internal reality until I found the work of today's repeat guest Isabel Foxen Duke. Isabel showed me there's another way to live. She taught me why I and so many people fall into an obsession with thinness and therefore dieting and consequently food, all as a result of thinness as a standard of beauty in our culture and the pervasive diet culture that has created. She taught me about fat phobia and how I had internalized it. She taught me about intuitive eating and deconstructing my diet mentality to listen to my body's hunger and fullness signals. She taught me about emotional eating and how it's not wrong, rather it is merely a coping mechanism and a response to years of deprivation with food. She taught me to diversity my hobbies away from wellness alone and to instead focus my attention on my career, creativity, and relationships. Most of all, she helped my to finally stop fighting food and work on making my life as a whole really beautiful, not just my body. We talk about all this and more in today's very long, robust episode. As I mentioned in the inro, I took Isabel's flagship program in 2014 and it honestly really helped me. She's launching it again and that means her free video training series is available for a while so watch those videos here  to see what you think. And enjoy this episode with my friend and mentor IFD. 

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    184 | Sam Zabell on Side Hustles, Podcasting, Adulthood & more!

     I stumbled across today's guest Sam Zabell's podcast Adulthood Made Easy while doing research before my interview with Ashley Ford.  Sam had Ashley on her podcast a few months before I did and as I listened to that episode I knew I wanted the articulate and curious host Sam to also be a guest on my podcast. Sam moved to New York City to pursue a career in magazine writing after studying journalism at Northwestern. She found herself not only writing for Real Simple Magazine, she also hosted their podcast Adulthood Made Easy.  This conversation was recorded in her Manhattan apartment. We talk about podcasting, life in your 20's, relationships, body image, side hustles and hobbies, living in New York and so much more. If you enjoy this episode let us know over in the Facebook Group. Also a quick reminder about the upcoming LIVE PODCAST recording I'll be having at The End in Brooklyn. Come be a part of the conversation. Being able to record these episodes live has been such an incredible shift for me. 

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    183 | Taran & Bunny Ghatrora on FemTech, Destigmatising Periods, Entrepreneurship + Listener Q&A!

    Today I have Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, sisters and co-founders of Ellebox as well as a podcast listener Q&A in the intro of this episode making it a very packed nearly 2 hours. I know it's been a while since I've done a Q&A episode, so I thought I'd add some in to this episode.  I'm not an expect on anything but I did very earnestly answer all the questions I received.  This episode feels like a big sleepover where I get to chat with you guys through your questions in the beginning then my interview with the co-founders of Ellebox feels like girl talk too.  I love Ellebox and believe in what they are doing but after this interview with the CEO sisters my love for Elle box hit new heights. You'll get to hear some about Ellebox and how it came to be but also we discuss growing up, periods, family, feminism, moon cycles and more! Hope you love this episode and if you haven't already tried Ellebox they are offering a FREE BOX to all listeners who want to try it out, so there's nothing to lose. 

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