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Long-form, organic, and candid conversations with diverse group of guests including visionary authors, yogis, artists, entrepreneurs, chefs, comedians & actors with interesting perspectives, careers, and stories. Here they candidly discuss everything from love, art, mindfulness, creativity, feminism, holistic living, to relationships, sex, business, blogging, personal growth, health, sex, body image, and more. Sometimes things get super deep and spiritual and sometimes they are really funny and light because life is both.

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    209 | Jill Gropper on on Mindfulness, Presence, Death + more!

    This week I spoke with one of my favorite people Jill on mindful living, grounding in presence, stripping layers, motherhood, body image, dealing with the tragic illness and death of her mother at a young age, mindful eating, embracing the divine feminine, motherhood and much more.

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    208 | Andrea Owen on letting go of control, indecision, feeling feelings, bodies, how to stop feeling like shit, + more

    We talk about  feeling feelings, decision making, body image, motherhood, publishing a book, her big ‘upper limit problem’, shame, female friendships, numbing mechanisms, the importance of letting it out, personal development overload, values, social media, connection, comparison, relationships, actually doing the work and not just consuming the advice, and more. At one point she says she wants to adopt me as her little sister and all my dreams came true, give this episode a listen for that alone. 

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    206 | Dr. Cybele Fishman on how to handle pimples, dermatology trends and all things skin!

    When I mentioned I was having a skin expert on the podcast in the listener facebook group I received more questions than I ever have. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks, talks, and wants to know more about skin. We feel with it, we see it, and it is the biggest organ we have so it makes sense. This episode is hyper focused on the topic of skin but we cover so many issues related to it. Including acne - why it’s not just for teenagers, blending natural remedies, how to handle a big pimple, winter skin, LED facials, micro pinning, rosacea, and skin trends. Dr. Fishman is so smart, experienced and knowledgable in her field in both traditional and natural remedies. This conversation was focused and specific yet we covered so much in a short time.

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    205 | Tina Essmaker of The Great Discontent on vulnerability, embracing silence, conversation, following curiosity + more!

    Our conversation flowed as if we were old friends covering moving, vulnerability, social media vs. real life, living wholeheartedly, advice for interviewing, embracing silence, the beauty behind not having it all figured out, focus, coaching for creatives, following your curiosity, and much more. She revealed what's next for her as she navigates her life and career post and her role at The Great Discontent.

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    203 | Cheryl Miller Houser on Personal Growth, Taking Risks, Film Making, Entrepreneurship + more

    We discussed mentoring relationships, entrepreneurship and millennials, why we should do things outside our comfort zone, personal growth and challenging ourselves, the importance of startups/entrepreneurs for economic growth, an inside look at indie film making, parenting as children become adults, working in film production, advice for cold calling/emailing, how we cut off our connection to opportunity around us, having time vs. making things a priority, body image and being more than your body, and so much more. I loved this conversation and I think you guys will too.

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    202 | Ashley Glynn on Soul Tattoos, Being Embodied, Connection, Slowing Down, Plant Medicine + more

    I loved every second of our heart warming conversation that covered her entire life-story including being raised by her southern tarot loving grandmother, touring with Stevie Nicks, losing her beloved grandmother, art school, fashion school, and eventually discovering her passion: soul tattooing. We discuss self-care, tapping into your intuition, why we need to slow down, how we hold energy in our bodies, the importance of being comfortable in your body and skin, being embodied, grounded, connecting to breath,  feeling empowered, breath work, flower medicine, and much more. Ash is magnetic and this is one of my favorite conversations I've ever had so I'm so glad it was recorded. 

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    201 | Anula Maiberg of Sixth Street Pilates on the potato method, impostor syndrome, rethinking 'body diversity' and more!

    We're both pretty sleepy and loopy by the end which makes the episode weird and special. We discuss community, being 'familiar strangers,' in-person connections, the Potato Method, what pilates is, and it’s history, the combination of pilates and art, impostor syndrome, feeling bad and that being okay, depression, the problem with the term ‘body diversity,’ and so much more. 

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    200 | Sahara Rose Ketabi on Ayurveda, Writing, Purpose and Dharma, Manifestation, Meeting Deepak Chopra + more

    Two-hundred episodes of this podcast seems like a huge milestone I'm pretty proud of. This week's conversation with guest Sahara Rose is a long one, yet I never wanted it to end. We take a deep dive intro her wellness speciality: Ayurveda (she literally wrote the Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda). She fully breaks down Ayurveda is, including what doshas are, her top Ayurveda tips utilizing it in daily life, dharma, how chakras connect to it, shamanic shaking, tongue-scraping and more. This episode is robust and packed with ancient wisdom that Sarah has modernized brilliantly. Her advice on family is one of the best answers I've gotten on that subject  and she tells a magical story of a meaningful coincidence that changed her life and mine once I heard her tell it.

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