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Long-form conversations with good people who are good at being themselves. A diverse group of guests including visionary bloggers, authors, yogis, artists, entrepreneurs, comedians & actors with interesting perspectives, careers, and stories. Here they candidly share their story through an organic conversation with me. Topics include love, art, mindfulness, creativity, feminism, holistic living, relationships, sex, business, blogging, personal growth, health, body image, and sometimes things get super deep and spiritual and sometimes they are really funny because life is both.

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    117 | Gala Darling on Style Tips, Relationship Advice, Radical Self-Love, Her Body Image Secret, + More!

    I've been following Gala Darling for a while now and having her on my podcast had been on my guest goal list for years. Finally, in this episode we made it happen and the conversation does not disappoint. Gala is constantly raw, real, and so completely herself in everything she does. It's contagious just by being around her being so at peace with who she is makes me feel like I want to remove any masks I might still be wearing and fully be myself out in the world no mater how unique. I got to meet Gala in person last summer at Kripalu and she was exactly who she seems online in person which is always refreshing. This conversation is super tangential covering buckets of topics from radical self-love, her body image secret, style & fashion tips, relationship advice, and blogging insight. I know you'll love her and this conversation as much as I did. Keep in touch with Gala and I on social media and let us know what you thought of our episode.

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    116 | Talia Pollock of Party in My Plants on Finding Humor in the Wellness World /Every where, Infusing Food with fun, and More!

    Talia of Party in my Plants talks about how clean eating and wellness healed her stomach issues then made her super isolated and depressed and we focus on what happens after than when she figured out how to find the funny in food, wellness, and overall life. She's blending comedy and health and wellness and is just an overall really talented cool person.

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    114 | Beth Stelling on Comedy, Following Your Passion and way More!

    This week's guest is the smart, funny and beautiful comedian Beth Stelling. I first heard about her through one of my favorite podcast episodes with Pete Holmes and later I find out she was a good friend of my close friends Simi and Tim (who you have all met of previous pods). Being able to spend over an hour with her chatting about her life and comedy was amazing.

    Then I have a mini-interview with another inspiring entrepreneur and today's pod sponsor Zeb Dropkin of Northbook Journals. Northbook Journals have been my journal of choice lately especially when I am on-the-go. Zeb shares why he decided to start a journaling company and how he's overcome the 'startup' challenges.

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    113 | Linda Bacon on True Health at Every Size, the Importance of Community, and more!

    Linda Bacon is a brilliant professor, speaker, and author (plus so much more) who is full of wisdom on all things related to diet, health and nutrition. She is known for challenging standards about health and weight set by society and science. This episode covers not only topics related to health and weight but to also making life as a whole beautiful and what that means. We talk about seeing the importance of pleasure and community. My favorite part of todays conversation is about 20 minutes into the episode where Linda shares a powerful story that illustrates discrimination and the power it can have even in subtle ways.

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    112 | Galia Barkol 112 | Galia Barkol on Filmmaking, Exploring Our Being, Collective Experiences, Inspiring Films and more!

    I recorded this interview a few months ago and re-listening to it reminded me how much I loved this conversation, it is so aligned with the direction I want this podcast to move into. Galia is an inspiring writer, director, and actress originally from Israel and now living in NYC. She has a movie she's finishing editing now and sending to film festivals called Then What Happens. Her perspectives on life and her passion for her art shine through in todays conversation. We also explore body image both generally and in her industry as she talks about her own story and struggles with an eating disorder. She shares in such a beautiful way her deep connection and exploration into her body and self and how this has carried her to where she is today. She is just an all around lovely soul and has so many great recommendations for books, movies, directors, actors, and life lessons.

    -- SHOW SPONSOR -- At the end of the episode, stick around for a quick conversation with Dr. Erin Stokes the director of health at MegaFood Supplements today's pod sponsor. Erin talks about her journey to falling into a career she loves and why she is so passionate about it. She also give some quick tips on how we can all “mind the gap” and get the extra nutrients we are missing out on, even when we are living a healthy lifestyle.

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    111 Soulcamp Founders on Real Life Connections, Community, Serendipity, and More!

    First off I talk with the founders of SoulCamp about how they decided to create an adult sleep away camp for your soul. We get into all the details on what exactly SoulCamp is and why community is so important. Because as much as I love the internet and how it can be a catalyst for beautiful friendships and wisdom, there is something magical about in real life connection and community, which we talk about on the show.

    Then at the end of this episode I have a mini-interview with the incredible and inspiring Mariam Popp about getting yourself 'all the way together' ... you'll hear more...

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    110 | Danielle Paige Gives My Astrology Chart LIVE + plus insight on using astrology + My favorite Vintage Denim Brand.

    This episode is a little different from most because today Danielle reads my astrology chart live on the pod. For some of you long-time listeners of the pod you may remember Danielle from episode #63 . In today's episode not only do you get to know more about me but you will also learn more about astrology in general and get some insight on what the different parts of your own chart or reading mean. And even though we are well into 2016, Danielle's key word and highlighted theme for this year is a great reminder for all of us. + my favorite vintage denim brand!

    Pod Sponsor + Mini-Interview: Stick around at the end for an inspiring mini-interview with the amazing Dawn Myers, founder of Rhipped Denim. Many of you have probably seen me rocking my favorite jean shorts from Rhipped Denim on snapchat. I seriously love these jeans so much and get so many compliments on them all the time. Plus Dawn is offering listeners an AMAZING deal. If you enter the promo-code "KATIE" (all caps) at checkout not only do you get 10% your order but you also get a FREE chocker (valued at $18).

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    BONUS EPISODE - 17 Quick Fire Questions Gabby Bernstein

    I've got a special Friday treat for you today. Today you get the answer to 17 Special Questions for Gabby. Not only do I have this BONUS EPISODE in audio format but I also have it to share with you as an actual video recording. Check it out to get Gabby's latest inside scoop on life, career, inspiration and and more!

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